TEDxVictoria-2012-300x79TEDxVictoria: Tiffany speaks at this event on Nov. 16th, 2013–Her topic is “The Power to Question“.   Watch video.


DSC_5944CBC RADIO: Tiffany Poirier’s own young philosophy students discuss life’s deepest questions in a mini-documentary on CBC radio’s The Sunday Edition on January 20, 2013. Listen


CBC-Radio-The-Sunday-Edition-logoCBC RADIO: Tiffany Poirier joins host Michael Enright in conversation for CBC radio’s The Sunday Edition on September 23, 2012. Listen

TORCH MAGAZINE: Tiffany Poirier’s life, career and book are featured in “Philosopher Kids“, in Torch Magazine, Autumn Issue, 2009. Download


tiffany-poirier-teachingTHE TYEE: Tiffany Poirier is a contributing writer in The Tyee on September 8, 2009.  The article, “How to Foster Young Philosophers“, offers practical suggestions and a rationale for teaching children the skills for grappling with philosophical issues. Read


TeacherDiaries_largeTHE TYEE: Tiffany Poirier is a contributing writer to “The Teacher Diary Series” for The Tyee on November 27, 2007. The article, “Let’s Teach Kids Philosophy“, makes the case for introducing young people to the discipline of philosophy. Read

Q is for Question is a marvelous resource for those interested in leading philosophical discussions with children. Presenting a wide range of philosophical issues in charming and witty rhymes, it is sure to delight children and their elders as well as spark debates about the most elemental matters.” -Thomas Wartenberg, Ph.D, Professor of Philosophy, Mount Holyoke College, Author of books such as “Existentialism: A Beginner’s Guide”

“A charming little book for the philosopher that’s inside every child.” -Angus Taylor, Ph.D, Lecturer of Philosophy, University of Victoria, Author of Animals and Ethics

Q is for Question is the perfect title for this delightfully illustrated volume of philosophy in verse.  It captures, in language that speaks to all ages, some of the most profound questions that have troubled philosophers for centuries. Does might make right? If pursuing happiness is not our purpose on Earth, what is? If God called you on the phone, what would you say? Do animals have rights? Is beauty merely a matter of opinion or is it objective fact?  In her author’s note, Tiffany Poirier writes that “philosophy belongs to us all.” If this small volume helps to spread that message (i.e., that through philosophy, youngsters can be inspired to reflect on serious existential questions that shout out to them from their experience but which are too often ignored) our world, as a result, will be a better, more hopeful, place.” -Susan T. Gardner, Ph. D, Professor of Philosophy, Capilano University, Director of the Vancouver Institute of Philosophy for Children, Author of Thinking Your Way to Freedom

“I have tried to explain philosophy to young children in the past without much success. Q is for Question would succeed where I have failed. I think that philosophy is best conceived of as a set of perennial questions and this book does an excellent job of introducing young readers to many of the most important of these questions. It is accessible but, at the same time, gives an accurate picture of the discipline of philosophy. I gave the manuscript to my eight year old (and rather precocious) daughter. I asked her how she liked it and she gave it four stars (on a four star scale). When I asked her what she liked about it, she said that she liked answering the questions (raised in the book) in her head.” -James O. Young, Ph.D., Philosophy Department Chair, University of Victoria, Author of Global Anti-realism, Art and Knowledge, & Cultural Appropriation and the Arts