This is the space for you to share what’s on your mind!  In the “Leave a Reply” section below, feel free to share any of the following:

  • A philosophical question that has been on your mind
  • A philosophical idea or argument that has been on your mind
  • A philosophical activity, game, or project you have enjoyed or can recommend
  • A philosophical book you recommend
  • An idea, resource, or bit of advice for others exploring philosophy
  • A special memory you have of a time you shared a philosophical discussion with someone
  • Anything else you’d like to share

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6 thoughts on “YOUR THOUGHTS

  1. Greetings Tiffany – I followed the documentary on the Sunday Edition. My ever expanding crew of fully engaged learners have asked that your book be added to our ever expanding library.

    Well Done

    Martin G. Smith

      • Hello Back Tiffany — We are an odd crew ‘Swimming against the tide of Rhetoric’ too prevalent in our school system today.
        Our primary support comes from our being the prime contractor for a Steel Scrap operation on Vancouver Island. Most of the crew are either former Crystal Meth users who we have caught up with and shown the joys of constructive engagement. The others come from an all too prevalent ‘ADHD’ community with a liberal mixing of Auspergers Syndrome, many of whom became adversely impacted by Ritalin.
        Our cooperative structure has allowed us to include Learning as part of the Working Mandate and it has become my role to keep the field engaged with as many resources as come my way. These include a relationship with both SIDES on Vancouver Island as well as Thompson Rivers. We are also heavy users and recently supporters of the growing OCW/OCX movement and our Closed Area Network library now totals close to 460Tb.
        Our newest project, after the calculation of this year’s dividend, is to build a ‘Studio School’ using SIDES as the Academic base and expanding it to include a ‘Library’ equipped with all the tools needed to advance learning. It is the goal of the project to catch and constructively engage those, too numerous I have found’ young people who simply need a place to engage in learning the way they do, instead of the way tha prescription says they should.
        This school will be be modeled on Ezra Cornell’s original vision, ‘Any Person, Any topic’

        All The Best

        Martin G. Smith

      • This is awesome, Martin! Sounds like incredibly meaningful and important work…I wish you all the best with growing your support and opportunities for the deep thinkers in your group. To educate, uplift and support people, we definitely need more creative and diverse methods!

  2. tiffany, look at the Jaina concept of anekantavad and syadvad and read the Jain Jataka story (later retold in the Buddhist Jatakas) of the 6 blind men and the elephant. Jaina philosophy will give your some insights that you may have missed so far. in appreciation

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